Should Coronet Forest be Harvested Early?

Coronet Forest is the 173ha block of Douglas fir trees growing on the lower slopes of Coronet Peak, close to Arrowtown. It was planted between 1984 and 1996 and has been managed with a view to providing a commercial return.

The forest is owned jointly by QLDC and our neighbours, Central Otago District Council. QLDC has a 75 percent stake and CODC has 25 percent.

QLDC owns the land that the trees are planted on. It is designated for the primary purpose of planting, tending, managing and harvesting trees for timber production.
If the forest were left to grow to maturity, the trees would be harvested between 2029 and 2041, when they were 45 years old. That remains an option, but the Council is also considering whether it would be advisable to harvest the trees earlier.

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